What do you Seek?

A Unique Combination for an Exceptional Experience

You will find Dr. Ballon provides a mix of mystery, warmth, seriousness, and humour in all his presentations. He weaves an atmosphere of mutual discovery and wonder for the participants to engage in thoughtful explorations: evoking wonder and astonishment of the workings of the human mind.


His unique blend of experiences from his varied professions allow the creation of presentations that are designed to be educational as well as entertaining.  It is more about helping participants gain insightful moments than providing mindless entertainment to earn the applause. Consider it mindful entertainment.

His deep understanding of the psychology and philosophy of the art of illusion and the mind have won him international accolades, media coverage, and awards from academic and public institutions.

His customized presentations and workshops focus on increasing motivation and engagement in all aspects of life, through creating reflective experiences, unique simulations, and providing tools for teambuilding, communication, dealing with stress, and managing change.

The unique style of the presentations supports of almost any key messages, content or training an organization seeks.  The concept of learning to reflect on perception and the actual applies universally to everywhere a human being is involved. Dr. Ballon’s presentations have engaged scientists, Shakespearean patrons, healthcare leaders, innovative arts audiences, governmental decision makers, college and university professors and students, and more.

Dr. Ballon enjoys working with all formats of presentations – from small intimate gatherings to large stage environments, online events and more.

Typical themes that often are incorporated into presentations include and are not limited to: coping with uncertainty and change; tapping into and harnessing motivation; increasing empathy and understanding; confronting internal stereotypes and other mind traps; using humour for enhancing health; dealing with difficult decisions; understanding specific content/complex issues; building collaboration; developing effective communication skills; unleashing creativity and innovation; building effective team dynamics; and separating the trivial from the important to lead richer lives.

Dr. Ballon especially enjoys “training the trainers” in that he delivers workshops, coaching, and ongoing support for those who wish to boost one’s own impact with presentations and engagement with their audiences.  As a leader in the field of simulation, one of his roles has been developing entire training programs for the developing the framework and best practices for employing experiential learning.

As someone who has organized national and international events, in addition to his many leadership positions, Dr. Ballon is more than able to:

  • Establish the theme of a conference and motivate people by providing an engaging opening keynote presentation.
  • Leave participants in a positive frame of mind and feeling good by providing an exciting closing plenary presentation.
  • Improve productivity of participants by providing innovative trainings
  • Improve communication skills by providing presentation skills training and coaching