In my Mind’s Eye

Dr. Bruce Ballon’s “IN MY MIND’S EYE”: A Presentation in Five Acts

“Enter the realm of magic and mystery which will challenge your perceptions and understanding of reality. Join CAMH psychiatrist and illusionist Dr. Bruce Ballon for an engaging exploration of mental health through interactive simulations and mind-altering illusions, using the works of William Shakespeare.”

“Dr. Ballon will be performing “In My Mind’s Eye” at the Stratford Festival on Saturday, June 21 at 10 a.m., taking the audience on a journey of discovery to experience a series of inner truths and outer deceptions – or is it inner deceptions and outer truths? – that unite us all.”

“Dr. Ballon’s performance is part of the Stratford Festival Forum, a series of presentations and performances meant to complement the main theatrical productions. The theme uniting the entire Stratford Festival program this year is “Madness: Minds Pushed to the Edge”. Shakespeare’s King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream” will be performed alongside favourites like “Crazy for You” and “Man of la Mancha”, all on the theme of mental upheaval.”

“Promoting this important unifying subject promises to help raise awareness of mental health for a whole new audience: the 600,000 visitors to the Stratford Festival over the course of a season.”

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