Reflective Techniques for Battling Stigma: Mental Health and Addiction Experiential Education

It is much easier for healthcare providers to acquire technical knowledge and skills than it is to develop professional attitudes and empathic capacity for working effectively with people with addiction and mental illness. This extends beyond healthcare. Professionals from many fields may also struggle to know how to interact with colleagues who may have addiction […]

Mechanical Mental-Morphosis

I am happy to say my pilot use of a homemade Voight-Kampff testing machine went over well at MINDFEST 3. My MMM presentation explored how tech use may be effecting our mental states as well as transforming us as humans into…. less human and more machine like in thoughts. Funny enough, my human vs nexus […]

“WITCHCRAFT” CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH: Reflection on mental health stigma in the workplace

Sorcery and Psyche This story motivated me to write this post you are now reading:   What does that have to do with anything in our neck of the woods you might ask? That can’t happen in a developing country you might say! Well, maybe you might not be hacked to death in […]